Teaching 2015/2017

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  • Master

 Classical Malay II: Malay trade and diplomacy (Summer ’16, ’18)                     Classical Malay I: Malay scripture and culture (Winter ’15, ’17)                                   Politics of identity in Southeast Asia (Summer ’15)                                                       Land and territorial conflicts in the Philippines (Summer ’16)                                Social history of the Philippines 17th-19th (RUFA, PHNOM PENH, Spring ’16)        Media in Southeast Asia : engaged and engaging (Winter’16)                                  Current research on Southeast Asia (Summer ’17)

  • Bachelor 

Colonialism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia (Summer ’18)                      Introduction to Southeast Asian history (Winter ’17)                                         Political history of Indonesia since 1945: events, ideas, movements (Winter ’16)   Politics and literature in Indonesia (Winter ’15)                                                         Regions and Nations in Southeast Asia (Summer ’15, ’17)                                     Performing arts in the Philippines (Inalco, Paris,co-teaching in the course on Performing arts in Southeast Asia, since 2010)