December 15, 6-8 pm: Documentary screening (Philippines)
Sin Dudas, followed by QandA with the producer Ulrich Rothoff and the director Roehl Jamon
On extrajudicial killings in the Philippines (pre-Duterte)
Campus Westend, Seminar Haus
November 23, 6-8 pm: Visit of Martin Aleida, writer, former journalist and political prisoner (Indonesia)
Book presentation and debate:
Tanah Air/Die verlorene Heimat (Kompas Best Short Stories Award 2016)
Stories on Indonesian exiles (post 1965) in Europe
Campus Westend, Seminar Haus SH 0.106
 October 126-8 pmPodium Discussion (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia)
“Southeast Asia (i)n books: difficulties and challenges in the field of edition”
 Thailand: Trasvin Jittidecharack (Silkworm Books)
 Singapore: Edmund Wee (Epigram Books)
 Indonesia: John Mc Glynn (Lontar Foundation)
 Campus Westend, PEG Building 1.G16
Photos of the events (credit: Joachim Nieß):


International conference “Reconciling Indonesian History with 1965: Facts, Rumors, Stigma”, 10-12 November 2016 :


Summary and research perspective: