My teaching is driven by

  • a certain idea of the purpose of education, beautifully explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdNAUJWJN08&t=296s
  • the belief that area studies should lead us to a better understanding of cultural diversity. Not a label, cultural diversity is an invitation to value differences, reject the hegemony of certain cultures, and call for a ‘horizontal’ consideration of cultures considered and understood in their context with their own coherence. Being in relation to others, which is an everyday life situation, ask for such an understanding.



  •  Violence and its Memory in Southeast Asia (Hamburg University, Winter 2019. co-teaching with Prof. Dr. Jan van der Putten)
  • Investigating land and border conflicts in the Philippines (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2016)
  • Social History of the Philippines (17th–19th) (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Winter 2015)   

Philology, language and history

  • Classical Malay II: Exchange and Diplomacy (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2016, Summer 2018)
  • Classical Malay I: Scripture and Culture (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2015, Winter 2017)


  • Current Research on Southeast Asia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2017)
  • Methodology of Research in Social Sciences (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Summer 2015)


Area studies

  • Introduction to Southeast Asia (Hamburg University, Winter 2019)
  • Nations and Regions in Southeast Asia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2015, 2017)

Contemporary history

  • History of Indonesia after 1945: Ideas, People, Movements (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2016; Hamburg University Summer 2020)
  • Politics and Literature in Indonesia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2015)

Modern history

  • Introduction to Southeast Asian History (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2017)
  • Modern Southeast Asian History (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Summer 2014)
  • Introduction to the History of Africa, America and Asia (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Winter 2013)
  • Sources and Historiography (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Winter 2013)
  • Islam in the Philippines (Inalco, Paris, 2008–2015)

Methodology and epistemology

  • Introduction to Epistemology (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Summer 2013)
  • Methodology of Research (Inalco, Paris, Winter 2011)