Through the years, my experience in and outside the classroom has brought me to a general reflexion on what type of ‘relations to the other’ was implied by the Area/Southeast Asian studies, even after the ‘decolonization’ of the studies.  What this relation could be, underlies now my work both in the classroom and in the research field.

My teaching is driven by

  • a certain idea of the purpose of education, beautifully explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdNAUJWJN08&t=296s
  • the belief that area studies should lead us to a better understanding of cultural diversity. Not a label, cultural diversity is an invitation to value differences, reject the hegemony of certain cultures, and call for a ‘horizontal’ consideration of cultures considered and understood in their context with their own coherence. Being in relation to others, which is an everyday life situation, ask for such an understanding.



  •  Violence and its Memory in Southeast Asia (Hamburg University, Winter 2019. co-teaching with Prof. Dr. Jan van der Putten)
  • Investigating land and border conflicts in the Philippines (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2016)
  • Social History of the Philippines (17th–19th) (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Winter 2015)   

Philology, language and history

  • Classical Malay II: Exchange and Diplomacy (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2016, Summer 2018)
  • Classical Malay I: Scripture and Culture (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2015, Winter 2017)


  • Current Research on Southeast Asia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2017)
  • Methodology of Research in Social Sciences (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Summer 2015)


Area studies

  • Introduction to Southeast Asia (Hamburg University, Winter 2019)
  • Nations and Regions in Southeast Asia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Summer 2015, 2017)

Contemporary history

  • History of Indonesia after 1945: Ideas, People, Movements (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2016; Hamburg University Summer 2020)
  • Politics and Literature in Indonesia (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2015)

Modern history

  • Introduction to Southeast Asian History (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Winter 2017)
  • Modern Southeast Asian History (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Summer 2014)
  • Introduction to the History of Africa, America and Asia (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Winter 2013)
  • Sources and Historiography (University Paris Diderot, Paris, Winter 2013)
  • Islam in the Philippines (Inalco, Paris, 2008–2015)

Methodology and epistemology

  • Introduction to Epistemology (Royal Fine Arts University, Phnom Penh, Summer 2013)
  • Methodology of Research (Inalco, Paris, Winter 2011)